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New methods need a new kind of conversation

28 February 2018

Now that numbers are appearing in mainstream humanities journals, we need to talk about sharing data and code. Continue reading →

A broader purpose

5 January 2018

Studying culture with numbers is not a special subfield of "DH"; it's a way to integrate different aspects of a liberal education. Continue reading →

It looks like you’re writing an argument against data in literary study …

21 September 2017

would you like some help with that? I’m not being snarky. Right now, I have several friends writing articles that are largely or partly a critique of interrelated trends that...

We’re probably due for another discussion of Stanley Fish

13 July 2017

I think I see an interesting theoretical debate over the horizon. The debate is too big to resolve in a blog post, but I thought it might be narratively useful to foreshadow it—sort...