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Why SF hasn’t prepared us to imagine machine learning.

2 February 2021

The models produced by machine learning aren't much like the AI in science fiction. But they do strongly resemble the Library of Babel. Continue reading →

How predictable is fiction?

5 July 2020

This blog post is loosely connected to a talk I’m giving (virtually) at the Workshop on Narrative Understanding, Storylines, and Events at the ACL. It’s an informal talk,...

Humanists own the fourth dimension, and we should take pride in it.

13 October 2019

This is going to be a short, sweet, slightly-basic blog post, because I just have a simple thing to say. I was originally trained as a scholar of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century...

Do humanists need BERT?

15 July 2019

Neural models have set a new standard for language understanding. Can they also help us reason about history? Continue reading →