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Book Note: Paint

22 May 2018

Tiffany, Grace. Paint. Tempe: Bagwyn, 2013.Grace Tiffany has written a number of historical / biographical novels about Shakespeare. Witness her Will: A Novel (for which, q.v.)...

Book Note: The Shakespeare Stories

15 May 2018

Matthews, Andrew. The Shakespeare Stories. Illus. Tony Ross. Croydon: Orchard Books, 2015. This delightful collection of sixteen Shakespeare plays retold for early readers has only...

Book Note: Queen Lear

7 May 2018

Conley, Ellen Alexander. Queen Lear. N.p.: N.p. 2013.It's another self-published Shakespeare novel!This time, I'm not reading it all the way through. I read the opening, skimmed a bit,...

Book Note: Peril at End House

4 May 2018

Christie, Agatha. Peril at End House. New York: Bantam, 1988.I'm sure Dame Agatha Christie was asked—far more often than she liked—where she got the ideas for her novels.I...