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Book Note: Tom Jones

20 February 2018

Fielding, Henry. The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling. New York: Modern Library, n.d.I've been reading a lot of modern Shakespearean fiction recently—and also Tom Jones, which...

Book Note: Dunbar

19 February 2018

St. Aubyn, Edward. Dunbar. London: Hogarth Shakespeare, 2017.While we seem to be on the general subject of King Lear, we might consider one of the recent additions to the Hogarth Shakespeare...

Lear's Shadow: Coming Soon to a Festival Near You

16 February 2018

Lear's Shadow. Dir. Brian Elerding. Perf. David Blue, Fred Cross, and  Katie Peabody. 2018. For Film Festival Release. Lear's Shadow will soon be making the...

Book Note: Performing King Lear: Gielgud to Russell Beale

6 February 2018

Croall, Jonathan. Performing King Lear: Gielgud to Russell Beale. London: Bloomsbury, 2015. Jonathan Croall provides the world with an invaluable resource for thinking about King Lear in...