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Lewis Mirrors Hamlet

28 November 2023

“Reputation.” By Russell Lewis and Stephen Churchett. Perf. Charlie Cox, Sophie Winkleman, and Colin Starkey. Dir. Bill Anderson. Lewis. Season 1, episode 1. BBC. 30 July...

Shakespeare in FoxTrot's Think iFruity

24 November 2023

Amend, Bill. Think iFruity. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel, 2000.Moving one book forward in our push to cover all the Shakespeare in FoxTrot, we find two brief connections.The first is...

Shakespearean Deep Cuts from The Office

20 November 2023

"Broke." By Charlie Grandy. Perf. Steve Carell. Dir. PSteve Carell. The Office. Season 5, episode 23. NBC. 23 April 2009. Deleted Scene. DVD. Universal Studios, 2009.Having covered...

Shakespeare in FoxTrot's I'm Flying, Jack . . . I Mean, Roger

17 November 2023

Amend, Bill. I'm Flying, Jack . . . I Mean, Roger. Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel, 1997.The next FoxTrot chronologically in our trip to find all the Shakespeare in that comic strip...