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Postcard from Harvard VIII: what to do with a blank page

15 May 2018

Nuremberg Chronicle (1493), fol. 259. Image from Cambridge University Library: Here is my latest ruse to make you...

Postcard from Harvard VII: a master at work

9 May 2018

The title for this post promises a single master but, with winning generosity, I am going to offer to you three masters. The centrepiece of our discussion is Harvard’s MS. Typ....

Postcard from Harvard VI: an unnoticed manuscript from the circle of John Tiptoft, earl of Worcester

7 May 2018

The thrill of the library lies mainly, as I have said before, in allowing serendipity to work its magic and wish upon you a discovery. We might also consider that there is a taxonomy...

Postcard from Harvard V: Bruni against the Goths gothicised

4 May 2018

I realise that the tradition of the postcard privileges messages of few words. I note also that I have, in my recent posts, underachieved in that respect. This post is an attempt to...