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The Relics of Humfrey, duke of Gloucester at St Albans

19 November 2018

One of the greatest pleasures among many of my line of work is being invited to give a public lecture. This is always thanks to the audience, who bring their own knowledge and interests...

The stories manuscript tell: Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

28 October 2018

Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms is monumental. The British Library has become accustomed to putting on ‘blockbuster’ exhibitions that cram its gallery with items — and visitors...

Postcard from Harvard X: where’s the catch?

4 June 2018

This final report from my recent time at Harvard’s Houghton Library comes to you like one of those sets of holiday photos that returning travellers foist upon their unwitting...

Postcard from Harvard IX: the genius of Esther Inglis

23 May 2018

You will all have had the experience of sending postcards late in a trip, with them arriving at their destination after your own return. You may even have travelled home with them and...