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A good year from Humfrey, duke of Gloucester

9 November 2023

It is time to revise my definitive list of manuscripts once owned by Humfrey, duke of Gloucester. I once wrote that manuscripts from the outsize book collection of the prince who loved...

Thomas More and Canterbury

7 July 2023

Stained Glass Window to St Dunstan, Thomas More and Lanfranc, St Dunstan’s Church, Canterbury (1909) I had the honour to give the 2023 Annual Thomas More Lecture at St Dunstan’s...

#Receptiogate and gate-keeping

23 January 2023

As I said in my previous post, the first topic I want to consider in reflecting on the so-called Receptio affair is what it tells us about the limits of the scholarly community. We...

On the Receptio-Rossi Affair: a preface to some reflections

23 January 2023

After the jollities, the hangover. Over the festive break, a corner of social media was abuzz with a tale of plagiarism, questionable business ethics and sloppy scholarly practices....