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CovidTheatre: A German Update

13 April 2020

A lot has happened since my last attempt to catalogue what theatres in the German-speaking world are offering online while we’re all in self-isolation, so rather than update the...

Theatre in COVID Times: A Collection of Links and Things — I: Germany

27 March 2020

To celebrate, or mourn, World Theatre Day, I thought I’d start a list of theatres that are doing things online now to give us, and them, something to keep at least a memory...

Democracy is Heartless: A Plea

20 October 2019

I wrote this a week ago, and I am posting it here now in a slightly revised form in the hope that it might make a difference. This is an uninspiring plea. I want to urge you to vote...

Sunday, 12 January 1919

12 January 2019

And suddenly, there are newspapers again: between Saturday and Sunday, most — all? — of the occupied buildings were stormed, dozens of protesters killed in process,...