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Sunday, 12 January 1919

12 January 2019

And suddenly, there are newspapers again: between Saturday and Sunday, most — all? — of the occupied buildings were stormed, dozens of protesters killed in process,...

Saturday, 11 January 1919

11 January 2019

This was the weekend when the government abandoned all negotiations with the striking and occupying protesters and turned to outright violence: by Sunday, all occupied buildings had...

Friday, 10 January 1919

11 January 2019

It seems as though there was less outright street fighting this day, more a tense atmosphere of expectation — the occupants held firm but were awaiting an attack by government...

Thursday, 9 January 1919

9 January 2019

Negotiations between the government and the protesters are failing. The government has issued a call to arms, offering payment to citizens willing to join defence corps and “protect...