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A Brief History of Blogging as Experienced by Yours Truly

18 June 2015

I began blogging in 2002. At that moment blogging was a relatively new technology; it had been around for a few years but suddenly picked up in popularity. There were many platforms:...

Some notes and observations regarding NYU’s proposed Social Media Policy

22 April 2014

1) This was apparently written in the Public Affairs Office. The “Responsible Officer” listed is the Vice President for Public Affairs. There was no consultation with faculty...

New syllabus!

14 January 2014

This will be the first time I’ve taught an Atlantic world graduate course. This was a ton of fun to put together and is chock full of brand new stuff I haven’t even read...

An Instance of Lithobolia

22 February 2012

I’m teaching small parts of Cotton Mather’s Magnalia Christi Americana (1702) this week, and while I was thumbing through the MCA’s 700+ pages, I came across this...