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“that phenomenon of Nature; a blaizing ocean”

18 June 2019

ABIGAIL ADAMS continues her description of details of her voyage to England for her sister MARY CRANCH. If I did not write every day, I should lose the days of the month, and of the...

“hopes of a joyfull meeting of my long absent Friend”

11 June 2019

ABIGAIL ADAMS continues writing to her sister MARY CRANCH on board the ship Active on its way to England where Abigail will join her “long absent Friend”, her husband John....

“The Sea running mountain high . . . “

4 June 2019

On a voyage across the Atlantic in 1784 to join her husband John in London, ABIGAIL ADAMS kept a journal intended for her sister MARY CRANCH. Once her seasickness had abated Abigail...

“that most disheartning, disspiriting malady, Sea sickness”

27 May 2019

After the treaty of peace between Britain and the United States had been signed in 1783 John Adams, who had been named Minister to Britain, begged his wife Abigail to join him in London....