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“What signifies Philosophy that does not apply to some Use? “

11 February 2019

In the previous post Benjamin Franklin promised MARY “POLLY” STEVENSON (later HEWSON), the daughter of his London landlady whose education he had taken in hand, another...

“a Mind thirsty after Knowledge”

6 February 2019

Benjamin Franklin, continuing his mission to provide his London landlady’s young daughter MARY “POLLY” STEVENSON (later HEWSON) instruction in science and philosophy...

“thank you my dear Preceptor”

28 January 2019

MARY “POLLY” STEVENSON was grateful for the long letter Benjamin Franklin wrote her justifying the study of insects as part of her education. Wanstead, where Polly was caring...

Your Observation … concerning Insects, is … just and solid.

23 January 2019

The letters between MARY “POLLY” STEVENSON and Benjamin Franklin are so interesting and charming I have decided to include Franklin’s letters as well as Polly’s...