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Some final thoughts on eScriptorium

13 November 2023

 After three months, I've been able to get back to eScriptorium. At this point, I think it's a reliable solution for creating the kind of digital texts I need in a timely and effective...

eScriptorium: Let's try breaking some rules

16 August 2023

I am not a scriptorium. I'm just one guy with a professional interest in late medieval and early modern prophetic texts who needs to turn digital facsimiles into electronic texts as...

eScriptorium is bad. And brilliant.

2 August 2023

OCR4all isn't the only option for turning early printed books into electronic texts. According to Stefan Weil (via Klaus Graf), eScriptorium was able to produce usable text of pseudo-Vincent...

Modern editions of medieval and early modern prophecies v.01

14 July 2023

In my research, I keep asking myself related questions: "Are there any better options than a digital facsimile?" "Is this text edited anywhere?" "Why does everyone cite a 1690 edition...