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The dangers of breaching a fireground cordon: a lesson from history

22 June 2018

Glasgow City Council have warned people not to breach to cordon around the recently fire-ravaged Glasgow School of Art. Their concern is that those approaching or entering the site...

Encounters with the Dead

30 October 2016

Encounters with the dead were common in pre-modern society. With death rates from disease and illness high most people would come face-to-face with the dead at some time or other. But...

“How many people were killed by the Great Fire of London?” Perhaps more than you thought?

1 September 2016

While few died in the making of this blank area on the map of London, many more were killed filling it in again. “How many people were killed by the Great Fire of London?”...

April 1730 and London newspapers report the deaths of firemen, porters and servants killed by collapsing buildings at a ‘great fire’ on Fleet Street

1 April 2016

Mr Clinton was a distiller; his shop conveniently located in Fleet Street was to be found close to the corner of Fetter Lane. On the morning of 31 March 1730 he began his day by firing...