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Opening Speech #V4Shakespeare

4 December 2019

I spent Monday and Tuesday (2-3 December) at a conference we organized at Pázmány Péter Catholic University. These were two awe-inspiring days, when we listened...

Talk to the Scholar (Book)

19 April 2018

I have worked on more than fascinating projects this term (besides teaching and administrative duties), all of which may deserve a different post. We worked pretty much with more down...

Conference, OJS

25 October 2017

Yesterday (24 Oct.) I attended a brilliant one-day conference about Modern Platforms for the Publication of Journals. Before all the important ideas I came across there sink into oblivion,...

János Arany and Europeana

23 October 2017

This post is dedicated to the János Arany jubilee year in Hungary and to Europeana. The two topics will be linked insomuch as I will explore what an interested reader may find...