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Daughters of the Copernican Revolution

19 February 2018

In honor of Copernicus’s 545th birthday, I thought I would read T. Koon’s best seller, The Copernican Revolutionary. Imagine my surprise when I found folded inside the back...

ὁ Καρπός, Aphorisms 6 – 1

16 February 2018

As our reader continued to work through Ptolemy’s Ὁ Καρπός he either was uninterested in the minor errors in the Greek or didn’t notice...

Aphorisms 4 and 5 from Ptolemy’s Ὁ Καρπός

13 February 2018

Let’s follow our reader through a couple more aphorisms from Ptolemy’s Ὁ Καρπός. Again he glosses most of the Greek with Latin translations...

More fun with Ptolemy’s Ὁ Καρπός

11 February 2018

Our premodern reader didn’t just add Latin glosses to his copy of Ptolemy’s Ὁ Καρπός, now and then he emended the Greek. For example,...