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Astrology & Earthquakes

10 November 2021

Since at least Aristotle scholars have sought to discover the connections between earthquakes and planetary motions. Aristotle noted in Book 2 of his Meteorology that there seemed to...

Mis-Adventures in Textbooks

4 October 2021

In June I ordered copies of textbooks I wanted to use in my seminar this fall. At the same time, I order “instructor” or “desk” copies for me so that I could design the syllabus...

What’s Astrology got to do with it?

23 September 2021

George Monbiot wrote an opinion column that draws attention to how conspiracy theories are appealing to people on both ends of the political spectrum. It is a useful reminder that there...

Astrology Activity Card

17 September 2021

In 1976 the NSF had to justify the money it had spent on educational projects during its first 20 years in existence. The previous year the U.S. congress had cut the funding for the...