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Galilean Moon Crackers

12 March 2018

Wandering through Trader Joe’s this morning, I stumbled across an excellent and under explored career for historians of science: marketing and advertising. Picking up some snacks,...

More Ὁ Καρπός Fun

10 March 2018

Here is the next group of ten aphorisms, 21–30, from the copy of Ptolemy’s Ὁ Καρπός in BNF gr. 2180. Idiosyncrasies continue to be the...

Flat Earth Belief ≠ Neo-Medievalism

4 March 2018

Paula Simons has no patience for people who believe that the earth is flat, and she is particularly upset, it seems, that Edmonton is hosting the first Flat Earth International Conference:...

Who was Englishman John Digges?

28 February 2018

No, really, who was John Digges? Apparently he witnessed the supernova in 1572 and helped “shred” the “hidebound view of the universe” that was the Ptolemaic...