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Medicine on the Move: Early Modern Travel and Remedies

8 September 2023

As my new project on the history of travel, health risk and preparation begins to get underway, one of the things that I am thinking about is the place of travel within early modern...

The Health Risks of Travel in Early-Modern Britain

17 February 2023

As I start to make some progress on my new research project on travel, health and risk I am turning my attention to the sorts of things that early modern travellers were fearful of....

Packing the Essentials!: Preparing to Travel in the 18th Century.

8 June 2022

Now that Covid restrictions have finally been lifted, and summer is at least theoretically here – it’s raining outside as I write! – many people are returning to travel and undertaking...

Are Beards Over? A Historical Perspective.

25 April 2022

Recently I spoke with the Guardian journalist Tim Dowling for an excellent article he was writing (published last week) about whether beards are finally ‘over’, and I thought it...