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The ‘heroic sufferer’; sickness narratives in early modern letters

21 May 2018

One from the archives – a post about ‘heroic’ sufferers, and the ways that they construct their illness, and present themselves. Dr Alun Withey I mentioned in my last...

Splash it all over: A brief history of aftershave.

16 March 2018

One from the archives – something very much on my mind at the moment, as I look at the history of men’s cosmetic products. Dr Alun Withey In a recent article in the UK’s...

Barbers and Advertising in the 18th century.

9 March 2018

Over the past few years, I have spent a lot of time looking at polite advertising in the 18th century. During that period, a whole range of retailers advertised their goods and services...

The killer socks of 1868.

11 January 2018

In the mid nineteenth century, a spate of poisonings began to raise alarm in the newspapers. Almost anybody was at risk, and the culprit was, as yet, unclear. But the source of the...