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Branding the university

16 December 2013

I’ve never been a Monday morning person. But today was worse than normal: I woke up to the news that my alma mater – Trinity College Dublin – has commissioned a ‘brand agency’...

Andrew Marr’s History of the World – a (belated) review

22 October 2013

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a review of Andrew Marr’s A History of the World which ended up not seeing the light of day. I felt it was a bit of a shame to leave it at...

1066 and all what? A counterfactual history of English

19 October 2013

Next week, I’ll be heading to the Sage Gateshead for the BBC Free Thinking festival, where all of this year’s ‘new generation thinkers’ (great gig, naff name)...

Travels in German food – Fire & Knives article

14 June 2013

Yes, I submitted it with that title. No, I never thought they’d use it.   A few months back, a conversation about my wintertime desire for German beer-hall dinners resulted...