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Rural: The Lives of the Working Class Countryside by Rebecca Smith; Shaping the Wild: Wisdom From a Welsh Hill Farm by David Elias

8 October 2023

In the 1870s, the Manchester Corporation Waterworks made plans to buy two small Cumbrian lakes, Wythburn Water and Leathes Water, and the surrounding land, to build a reservoir. The...

The discovery of Pompeii

7 October 2023

Locals called the area ‘La Cività’; a clue, perhaps. Antiquarian Lucas Holstenius proposed it as the site of Pompeii as early as 1637. But formal excavations didn’t begin until...

Generations: Age, Ancestry and Memory in the English Reformations by Alexandra Walsham

6 October 2023

In 1700 a mathematician submitted a paper to the Royal Society in which he attempted to calculate, among other things, the rate at which oral testimony – that is, memory – decayed...

Human rights, Christianity and conquest: the Valladolid debates

6 October 2023

In April 1550, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and king of Spain, halted Spanish conquests in the Americas. He needed to know if such conquests were lawful. He had scruples; could they...