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The Edict of Thessalonica: Theodosius I and the birth of the Christian state

25 March 2021

Constantine the Great might have authorised Christianity across the Roman Empire with the Edict of Milan in 313 AD, but it was the emperor Theodosius I, half a century later, who put...

Back to the futurists: FT Marinetti and the launch of futurism

24 March 2021

“In my own village,” the filmmaker Luis Buñuel said of his birthplace in rural Spain, “the Middle Ages lasted until World War I.” Buñuel would...

Mary Anning: Britain’s greatest dinosaur hunter

9 March 2021

Extinction is an old fact but a new idea. In the early 19th century its certainty was barely established. How many people, then, had the anatomical knowledge and geological expertise...

The Muslim historian who taught Renaissance Europe about Africa

23 February 2021

For the first English translation of his most influential work, The Description of Africa, he is John Leo. His baptismal name was Joannes Leone de Medici, although he preferred its...