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History Today review: Birds in the Ancient World by Jeremy Mynott

31 January 2019

Pity the wryneck – a species of long-tongued woodpecker – in ancient Greece: it had the great misfortune to be considered an essential part of a sex toy. The poor bird was...

BBC History: The 1603 trial of Walter Ralegh

31 January 2019

It is a curious fact that when Sir Walter Ralegh was finally executed – on 29 October 1618 – he had been legally dead for 15 years. Even by 17th-century standards, that...

The Stage review: Ralegh: The Treason Trial

31 January 2019

Before its run in the Sam Wanamaker Theatre beginning 24 November, Oliver Chris’ staging of Sir Walter Ralegh’s treason trial had several performances in the Great Hall...

The Chap: Jack Buchanan, Britain’s biggest forgotten star

31 January 2019

It’s February 1954 and the Sunday Express has a scoop. Sir Laurence Olivier is learning to dance. More, he is planning to dance with a partner as part of a charity event at the...