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I Switched To E-Books Almost Exclusively

8 April 2015

I know that some people will find it horrifying, but I very rarely read printed books these days. The large majority of my books are consumed in e-book format using my e-reader. It...

The Song Of Troy

10 March 2015

The Song of Troy – by Colleen McCullough Although I certainly knew of Colleen Mcullough, I had never read any of her novels. To be honest, I suppose I associated her with the...

E-Readers And E-Books

9 March 2015

E-Readers E-readers have had a short, but exciting, life to date. The first e-reader is usually accepted to be the Franklin eBookMan, which was launched as far back as 1999. Low level...

The Space Where the Story Should Be: or, of Blacksmiths and Bastards

10 October 2012

I have not abandoned Montagu and Bath, but I have put them on pause for a bit, partly because I’m trying to decide what to do now both with them and with the blog posts; and partly...