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"Coffee Break" --another blog hiatus

28 November 2017

As you may have noticed, I've been on a bit of a  hiatus since the last time I posted on my blog....But I am working on a new series for Minotaur, set in a 1929 Chicago speakeasy........and...

Writing From Passion--A Guest Post by Christina Hoag

4 July 2017

"How do you write about a world you haven't lived in?"  This is the question posed by my guest author,  Christina Hoag, a journalist-turned-novelist as she discusses her...

"Entering the fringes of possibility..." A guest post by author J.L. Delozier

20 June 2017

I'm delighted to host J.L. Delozier, author of thrillers TYPE AND CROSS and STORM SHELTER on my blog today.  From the blurb:Dr. Persephone (Seph) Smith is a psychologist with enhanced...

Suspense Writing: It takes a village (a guest post by thriller writer Sherry Knowlton)

1 May 2017

After a too-long hiatus from my blog, I am delighted to be joined today by Sherry Knowlton, author of DEAD OF SPRING (2017). I asked Sherry to talk about how she researches her novels,...