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My cover at last!!!

30 September 2018

Without further fanfare...the cover of MURDER KNOCKS TWICE! I think it's gorgeous! Nice write-up in Criminal Element too!

From 1667 London to 1929 Chicago...

21 September 2018

It's the Bees' Knees! Well the cocktail break is finally over and I have returned to my blog!!!I’m no longer entrenched in the gritty plague-ridden world of 17th century London—I’ve...

"Coffee Break" --another blog hiatus

28 November 2017

As you may have noticed, I've been on a bit of a  hiatus since the last time I posted on my blog....But I am working on a new series for Minotaur, set in a 1929 Chicago speakeasy........and...

Writing From Passion--A Guest Post by Christina Hoag

4 July 2017

"How do you write about a world you haven't lived in?"  This is the question posed by my guest author,  Christina Hoag, a journalist-turned-novelist as she discusses her...