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When is the “Other House” not a “Senate”? What Cicero and Cromwell can teach Ed Miliband

1 November 2014

Ed Miliband, the Leader of the Opposition, has proposed replacing the House of Lords with a regionally elected “Senate”. I have little doubt that some further  reform of...

Obedience to Lawful Orders : Macaulay, Glencoe, Afganistan and Iraq

5 October 2014

“Lawyers to the left of them, lawyers to the right of them”, the Economist pithily remarked about the situation the British Army increasingly finds itself in. All ranks...

The Independent Scholar- Italian Voices and Desperately Seeking EEBO

18 March 2014

Gordon Square- Eagle Clawed Virginia Wolfe puns are too tempting to resist Well, maybe I flatter myself with the slightly pompous “Independent Scholar” sobriquet. Amateur...


16 March 2014

My apologies to followers-by-email of the Eagle Clawed Wolfe who received some half written nonsense earlier today. Whilst drafting my next post, my 3 year old, who is discovering joys...