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TannerRitchie Holiday Sale 2015/16 is here!

1 December 2015

Holiday Sale 2015/16 Our Annual Holiday and Year End Sale is back! All downloads are $10 or less* 50% off Quick Access to MEMSO† (designed for individual users) *Exludes Scottish...

A Pedantry of Smart-Alecs - How to combat the myth of obscure collective nouns

28 May 2015

The next time someone says "did you know the collective noun for ducks is 'a paddling'" tell them they're perpetuating old twaddle.Obscure collective nouns come from medieval 'terms...

A Pox on Both their Houses: How a Dose of Syphilis May Have Played a Role in the The Union of the Crowns

14 February 2015

"Don't stand so close to me."Reported on 13 February 1567 in Paris how, following Prince James' (the future James VI and I) baptism, Mary Queen of Scots 'repaired to Glasgow to visit...

Publish your historical records online - free access or for profit.

16 April 2014

Do you have a collection of documents that could be published online as a digital collection? Either as a searchable text resource or images of manuscripts? Contact us about becoming...