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Anthropometamorphosis Appendix 1

28 February 2017

Exhibiting the Pedigree of the English Gallant. Continuing my discussion of John Bulwer’s book from 1653, I’ve skipped to the back and the appendix where as he says in the...


21 February 2017

=man transform’d: or, the artificiall changling historically presented, in the mad and cruell gallantry, foolish bravery, ridiculous beauty, filthy finenesse, and loathsome loveliness...

Strange Nevves from Newgate

10 February 2017

…and the Old-Baily: or The proofs, examinations, declarations, indictments, conviction, and confessions of I. Collins, and T. Reeve, two of the Ranters taken in More-lane, at...

Puritan Lady

10 February 2017

Another unnamed portrait by an unnamed artist, this time in the Berwick Museum and Art Gallery. The canvas is dated 1638 and the title it’s been given says she’s a puritan....