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Western tactics and Ottoman armies

13 June 2014

A nice example and a warning that one should not expect much from borrowing innovations of an alien civilisation: ‘According to Brantome, Süleyman specifically recruited experienced...

Spain of the Golden Age at a glance

1 June 2014

ʻEveryone fought, from the Duke of Alba, a Spanish grandee, to Pizarro, a swineherd. They all fought: noblemen and labourers, shepherds and burghers, scholars and magnates, clergymen...

Army of Flanders

15 April 2014

A moving and accurate description of the Spanish Army of Flanders by Fernando Gonzalez de Leon (from ‘The Road to Rocroi: Class, Culture and Command in the Spanish Army of Flanders,...

Nobles at war

17 September 2013

One of the most important things to remember about early modern wars is that kings could not wage them on their own. They needed contribution of noblemen and wealthy townsmen. But from...