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Four versus Five: A little conundrum in John Milton’s Christian Doctrine

16 June 2013

John Hale writes… The editing of Milton’s De Doctrina Christiana which Donald Cullington and I have now completed (September 2012), is prompting fresh enquiries, mercifully...

Locke, Species, and Money

21 October 2012

Dan Carey (Galway) writes… The early modern debate over species – whether they exist in nature or merely represent a convenience imposed by language – featured an important...

Discussions of Taste in Scottish societies

1 October 2012

Juan Gomez writes… The Royal Society of London (RSL) is perhaps the most known academic society of the early modern period. Some of the most famous scientists of all time were...

Editing De Doctrina Christiana

24 September 2012

John Hale writes… The narrative of the editing of De Doctrina Christiana for Oxford’s new The Complete Works of John Milton is like that of the Muppet Movie, a “narrative...