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Thomas Hobbes: ‘my letter will haue the effect of a perspectiue glasse’

16 February 2018

According to John Aubrey, Thomas Hobbes‘s mother went into labour in Malmesbury on Good Friday 1588 ‘upon the fright of the invasion of the Spaniards’ and thereupon...

Archbishop Ussher and a journey to Malta

3 February 2018

At first glance, Valletta might not be where you would expect to stumble across one of Trinity College Dublin‘s greatest scholars. Yet this week, at the University of Malta’s...

Intellectual communities and the global transfer of knowledge: applications invited for a summer school in Marbach

27 January 2018

As institutions and academics projects announce details of this year’s educational schemes and courses, users of EMLO and followers of the research being conducted at Cultures...

New year, new skills: a spring workshop in Tallinn and a summer school in Paris

12 January 2018

Users of and contributors to EMLO might be interested in the following events scheduled to be held in spring and summer this year. The earlier — in March (and this post serves...