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Tavernsproject: research workshop

5 September 2013

The final event of the Tavernsproject, a wide-ranging workshop that was held just before the summer break in Bristol, is now posted on this site. It’s an edited version of the...

Mission impossible: Florence history tourism app 3

14 May 2013

Thursday, May 9 Emailing and texting my colleagues from the moment I left the house to arrival in hotel in Florence. It felt a bit like that old TV programme – Challenge Anneka. Travel...

Tales of the City: Florence history tourism app 2

14 May 2013

Getting into character He gets into a brawl in a notorious downtown tavern. He flirts with a fruit seller in the Old Market. He stands in front of the Cathedral workshop and wonders...

Giovanni who?: Making a history tourism app 1

5 March 2013

In January this year Fabrizio Nevola and I began a project to create a history tourism app for Florence. The basic idea – the USP, if you like – was that instead of going to monumental...