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Party Time!

9 October 2015

It’s party time – all the work is done and now it’s time to play! Come celebrate the launch of Telling the Flesh: Life Writing, Citizenship, and the Body in the Letters...

reading (and writing about) the letters to Tissot

11 September 2015

I first met Samuel Auguste Tissot in 2007. Well. Met is perhaps the wrong word given that he died over 200 years ago. But I made his acquaintance, shall we say, via the woman who was...


27 June 2015

How did the colonial gaze represent “Indians” – both those named Indians by Columbus and those who inhabited the Indian subcontinent? That’s the question that Annu...

extended bodies

26 June 2015

A fascinating piece on ethnography, actor network theory, and the extended body of Stephen Hawking. The author, Hélène Mialet,  undertook 10 years of ethnographic...