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The Friends of Lydiard Park

23 April 2021

The Good Gentlewoman blog has found a new (and very fitting) home on the Friends of Lydiard Park website. The Friends of Lydiard Park is a charitable organisation, which supports and...

The Ladies of Lydiard

31 March 2021

This week I am thrilled to announce the publication of my book The Ladies of Lydiard, which has been my work in progress for several years. The St. John family who owned Lydiard...

Buried – The Lady Ellinor Roberts Widd

4 August 2020

When war raged across England in the 17th century the St. John family, like so many others, were divided by the conflict. Sir John St. John 1st Baronet, lost three sons to the Royalist...

Jane St. John

1 August 2020

You can’t imagine how pleased I was to find Jane St. John. She wasn’t exactly lost – I was just looking for her in all the wrong places. Jane was the third of six...