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Katharine Pleydell Bouverie – A Simple Potter

28 January 2019

  Katharine Pleydell Bouverie Today Katharine Pleydell Bouverie’s work comes with an expensive price tag, which would probably astonish the potter. Katharine described herself...

The Favourite

20 January 2019

Have you seen The Favourite, the story of Queen Anne, her long-time favourite Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough and the contender for that position, Abigail Hill? The story is layered with...

A Treasure Trove of Family Wills

17 September 2018

Sometimes the handwriting is almost illegible, the archaic language difficult to interpret, but I do love grappling with a last Will and Testament. I recently came across a treasure...

Anne, Mrs Wharton

31 August 2018

Have you ever heard of the 17th century poet and dramatist Anne Wharton? No, neither had I. The only work published during her lifetime was an elegy to her uncle John Wilmot, 2nd Earl...