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Anno Domini 1672

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Helperlinie Groningen

9 February 2019

Link to a video fileAbove a link to the video file by local TV, in the Helperline, an extra defense line that was build to protect the town of Groningen from the south. The white building...

D' ontroerde Leeuw ~ The distressed Lion

10 January 2019

"In January 1671 a certain High German Prince, wrote to one of the Dutch Princesses that he was amazed about the silence in Holland about France's preparations for war"   These...

Congress on 167

16 August 2018

On September the 22nd in the Royal Dutch Library, The Hague, a congress is held on the year 1672, organised by the Studygroup "The Friends of de Witt". Among the speakers 1672 experts...

De verdediging van Friesland in 1672 en 1673

19 July 2018

This is a great book on the fights in the tree Northern Provinces in 1672 and 1673, available free on great Delpher website. It delas with the Frisian Water Defence line, troop strengths,...