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Anno Domini 1672

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Period flags

31 August 2017

From the Boxel Manual. also a short description of Regiment Flags, like the one of the (Scottish) Colonel Kirckpatrick: Yellow and Blue, divided in four. It was also possible that "Figures"...

Johan Boxel 1672 manual

31 August 2017

Well, at last it is available on Google Books, "The Exercise of arms" by Johan Boxel, Capt. Lt of the Colonel's Compagnie of the Holland Guard Regiment, with some nice plates in it,...

Uniform guide BNF

29 August 2017

As some of you may know we are also active on Facebook, which greatly improves the interaction with others interested in this period. I have also noted some real problems with the Blogger...

Osprey 80 YW

10 July 2017

Of course, there is a gap of over 25 years between the 80 Years War and 1672, but at last Military Publisher Osprey managed to publish a rather excellent title on the subject, by author...