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Anno Domini 1672

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16 March 2018

If you haven't been at the Fortress of Bourtange, you have to do with pictures and movies like this one. And yes, it really looks this was, there are several museums, also dealing with...

Captured Flags! "Les Triomphes de Louis le Grand"

2 March 2018

On Gallica you can find a copy of the book that describes the various flags that were captured by the French during Louis XIV reign (there is also a Louis XV version).It doesn't contain...

Naarden movie

22 February 2018

There was a time that dutch national TV had some very mellow programs on history, like this one on the fortress city of Naarden. A lot more of them on youtube. Check for "Ontdek je...

februari/February 167

22 February 2018

On this day in 1672, one of the shops/workplace of map maker Johan Blaeu, at the Gravenstraat in Amsterdam, goes up in flames. Fortunately his other shops were saved.Above a Blaeu map...