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Position in Early Modern European History

2 February 2018

Northeastern Illinois University is advertising for a faculty position in Early Modern European History. The position description reads: “Early Modern Europe and the World: Assistant...

Presentation at the University of Chicago

26 January 2018

I am looking forward to presenting at the Early Modern and Mediterranean Worlds Workshop at the University of Chicago next week. Brian Sandberg, “Conversion, Confessional Politics,...

Graduate Student Conference at the Newberry Library

26 January 2018

I am pleased that several of my former graduate students are participating in this week’s Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference, sponsored by the Center for Renaissance...

Cultures of Voting in Pre-Modern Europe

2 January 2018

I am happy to report that my latest publication has been released, just in time for the new year.  Happy 2018! My chapter on “Municipal elections and contested religious...