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Blogs on the early modern – Newton Key: Crowdsourcing the Early Modern Blogosphere

23 November 2012

This is an interesting article about conceptualising the early modern and its different inflections, meaning and scope it received in the Anglophone and Non-Anglophone fields and contexts. Newton...

New Object in Focus: A Fashion meeting (by Peter McNeil)

14 November 2012

A Fashion Meeting, an 18th Century Water-Colour for the Printed Gallerie des Modes, 1779. Object in Focus page: Ideas...

Outcomes of the Assembly Activity Area V & A workshop, 1600-1800 Galleries

8 September 2012

Silhouette group of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Aunt Everard of Hailsham.Pen drawing by Francis Torond, Great Britain, 1777 (©Victoria and Albert Museum, London) On Friday 13th April 2012...

The Uses of History: reflections on the latest project workshop (by Peter McNeil)

5 July 2012

The Uses of History: Reflections on a HERA FEM workshop – Rokokomania – connecting the past and the present Copyright Peter McNeil Read full Paper here. The 5th Fashioning the...