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The Swedish Army in the battle of Wittstock 1636

19 August 2018

Commander in Chief: Fieldmarshal Johan Baner The Artillery:The sources have very little to say about the number of guns present at Wittstock, except that the Swedes had more guns...

Pieter Snayers, The Battlepainter of the 17th Century

7 March 2018

Pieter Snayers was in many ways the premier battlepainter of the 30-Years War as he excelled in making large, detailed and often surprisingly accurate "birds-eye view" paintings of...

Swiss military clothing 1564-1587

17 September 2017

One question I get ask from time to time is what did the Swiss troops in the French wars of Religion (1562-1598) look like? Did they look just like the Landsknechts or did they have...

Walking the Nördlingen battlefield

28 November 2016

In the summer of 2015 I was able to spend the better part of a day exploring the Nördlingen battlefield, in particular the Albuch hill which was the critical point of the battle. ...