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World of the Siege FOR SALE

15 August 2019

At fine bookshops everywhere. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. So go right out and purchase one or ten copies of the sleeper hit of the summer! To quote...

Cleaning Text with Python

27 May 2019

So all us early modern Europeanists owe the Early English Books Online project a debt of gratitude. Tens of thousands of books published in England before the 19C, all of them scanned,...

Sabbatical in the rear-view mirror

27 May 2019

Now that my sabbatical has officially ended, the summer begins. I’ll gradually share with the world all the wonderful digital discoveries from my Year of the Digital. Discoveries...

You might be Millner

11 January 2019

If words like “Army”, “Camp”, “march”, “Day”, “pitch”, and “Leagues” outnumber many common stopwords…...