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Sabbatical II: The Year of the Digital

13 May 2018

Sabbatical. What academics look forward to for years – the ability to take time off from teaching and service to recharge and focus on me-time. On my last sabbatical seven years...

Making progress – in QGIS, that is

3 May 2018

Where I’m at now, after reading more on GIS, historical and Quantum. Here we have the beginnings of my Low Countries theater map, for operational military history. Features include...

Wars of Italy, pt

16 March 2018

A few more random maps of the Wars of Italy, just because it’s all I’ve got time for. First off, the locations of various combats (battles and sieges mostly) from 1494-1559,...

Historical Research in the 21st Century

1 March 2018

So let’s say you’ve become obsessed with GIS (geographical information systems). And let’s also posit that you’re at a teaching institution, where you rotate...