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You might be Millner

11 January 2019

If words like “Army”, “Camp”, “march”, “Day”, “pitch”, and “Leagues” outnumber many common stopwords…...

What EXACTLY Python does

7 December 2018

Given my impassioned proselytization of digital history, it’s not surprising that I received an email from a colleague asking a reasonable, yet hard-to-answer question: “what...

From historical source to historical data

4 December 2018

Where I offer a taste of just one of the low-hanging fruits acquired over my past five months of Python: The Sabbatical. Digital history is slowly catching on, but, thus far, my impression...

Where the historians are, 2017

19 September 2018

“Shaving the yak” is a phrase used to describe the process of programming. It alludes to the fact that you often have to take two, or more, steps backward in order to eventually...