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Macbeth @ The National Theatre

28 April 2018

‘Now, after a civil war’ declared the programme, presaging the latest in a long line of not-quite-now post-apocalyptic settings for a major Shakespearean production. In...

Macbeth (RSC Live from Stratford) @ Nottingham Broadway

11 April 2018

At the moment of Duncan’s death, a timer set at two hours appeared on the upstage wall, and began counting down. Polly Findlay’s Macbeth – and Christopher Ecclestone’s...

Périclès, Prince de Tyr (Cheek by Jowl) @ Les Gémeaux, Sceau

9 March 2018

NB This piece is based on the first two public performance as well as the final two pre-opening rehearsal runs. I am grateful to Cheek by Jowl for so generously allowing me to observe...

Julius Caesar @ The Bridge Theatre

4 March 2018

On February 14th 2018, two weeks after the new Bridge Theatre’s Julius Caesar opened, seventeen people were killed at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. As part of the international...