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Richard II (Rutgers Conservatory) @ Shakespeare’s Globe

17 February 2018

The Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe is an extraordinary opportunity for its participants. Transferring to London from Rutgers University for two terms of their third...

The Winter’s Tale (National Theatre) @ The Dorfman

16 February 2018

I’m something of a Winter’s Tale completist these days, so it was a joy to get to see the National’s new touring version for young people. Stripped down to an hour...

All’s Well that Ends Well (Shakespeare’s Globe) @ The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

28 January 2018

In the end, I only saw two productions at the Globe while it was under Emma Rice’s leadership. This wasn’t by design – I loved Rice’s work with Kneehigh and,...

Edward II (Lazarus) @ Greenwich Theatre

28 January 2018

‘Edward the First is dead’. Announced by a klaxon, this harsh voiceover opened Lazarus’s Edward II with a threat and a challenge. As the audience filed in, the stage...