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The Bardathon has moved!

27 August 2022

In my biggest life-change to date, I’ve recently emigrated from the UK to the little town of Staunton, Virginia. After eleven happy years at the University of Nottingham, I’m thrilled...

A Winter’s Tale (Scene Individible) @ The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre

10 June 2022

It’s perhaps inevitable that a company based in Stratford-upon-Avon – a town plagued with living statues – would end up producing a play with two of them. Scene Individible’s...

& Juliet @ Shaftesbury Theatre

22 May 2022

As jukebox musicals go, & Juliet should have had an easy audience in me. Not only does Max Martin’s over-punctuated back catalogue speak pretty precisely to my teenage years...

Henry VIII @ Shakespeare’s Globe

21 May 2022

This review is of a preview performance. Amy Hodge’s Henry VIII is the first major mounting of Shakespeare and Fletcher’s play since Six: The Musical, in an era that has also seen...