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Wilf Emberton

2 June 2023

 An author who specialises in the English Civil War.

1685 Society at Basing House

2 June 2023

 A picture from the mid 90s at the first event of the 1685 Society at Basing House. Not exactly Somerset but the warden was a reenactor who was prepared to give us a go. There was...

Brown Bess

2 June 2023

Read about the Brown Bess and the possible origins of the term in the wiki here

Freikorps von Kleist officer by Aleksandr Kabankov

1 June 2023

 "Hello friends!)))I present a figurine of an officer of the Free Corps of Kleist during the Seven Years' War. Made for the company Troop54 on a scale of 1/22 (75 mm).The musket is...