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E.P. Thompson’s forgotten sci-fi novel: The Sykaos Papers

4 December 2017

Mark Hailwood Back in October I was writing a lecture on E.P. Thompson when I learnt, to my surprise, that he had written a sci-fi novel towards the end of his career. Published in...

The Tenth Commandment: the Depth of Sin

20 November 2017

Jonathan Willis (For the first, introductory post in the series, click here) After a brief mid-term hiatus, in this last post marking the publication last month of my latest monograph,...

Remember, remember: ‘Gunpowder’ and our nation’s bloody past

3 November 2017

Laura Sangha This is a reproduction of a piece that I wrote for the local press after watching the first episode of Gunpowder. When Gunpowder first aired a few weeks ago it reportedly...

The Reformation of the People? The View from the Alebench

1 November 2017

Mark Hailwood It’s not every day the Protestant Reformation gets to celebrate its 500th birthday – well, only on one day, really. And it’s no surprise that yesterday’s...