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English coronet auction by K-, P- & Co.

7 December 2018

In a large room French aristocrats crowd across a table from Pitt who is taking money while handing a pen to the man opposite who holds a crown in his left arm as he throws coins toward...

A visit to Bedlam

6 December 2018

Three mad persons look out the small windows of their cells. The man on the left wears a makeshift crown and grins out at the horrified couple who looks in. Above his cell is written...

The golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up

4 December 2018

“A sequel to British Museum Satires no. 6438. George III, seated on a balloon, points downwards with his sceptre to an image of Pitt (right) as a naked child, on a column which...


3 December 2018

A chimpanzee holding a bowl stands in a landscape, a decorated frame surrounding the image. In the background left, a man shoots an arrow at chimpanzees climbing a palm tree, and on...