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Shifting into High Gear - The Shift Manual is Here!

6 August 2017

Nine months and fifty plus pages Later - Here it is -- Our Manual for the 18th Century Shift Maker! No doubt you are asking yourself, "With so many free sources available online, why...

Figuring Out Our Figures

19 January 2017

Studio Eis created many of the figures for the new Museum of the American Revolution.  If you need figures of any sort, this is the place to go on the East Coast.  Cutting...

Working on Our Figures

27 December 2016

I think I might have gotcha with the title.  Not what you think.  Exercise and eating well is the best advice for our figures.  This post is about our work on the figures...

Button Button Who's Got the Button?

6 December 2016

Part of my research into all things 18th century shirt related is the thread button, AKA Dorset button.  A Dorset button is named for the area of England that produced the majority...