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How the Bodleian Library collected playbooks: evidence from Library Records

24 July 2018

Tara Lyons (Illinois State University) Sassoon Visiting Fellowship, Bodleian Libraries Through an examination of the Bodleian’s archive of its own history, the Library Records...

Christian Frederick Cole, the first Black African scholar at Oxford, depicted in a set of 19th-century cartoons

27 June 2018

Christian Frederick Cole (1852-1885) depicted in one of the Oxford cartoons from 1879.What images do we have of Black students at Oxford? The picture above is one of the images made...

Ekaterina Shatalova, winner of the 2017-18 Colin Franklin Prize for book-collecting

15 June 2018

The 2017-18 Colin Franklin Prize for book-collecting has been awarded to Ekaterina Shatalova (Keble College), for her collection of works by and about Edward Lear (1812-1888), the poet...

Invisible women: Yolande Bonhomme, 16th-century publisher

29 May 2018

Francesca Galligan, Bodleian Rare Books There were many women printing in the 16th century. But for a variety of reasons, it can be hard to find their work in library catalogues. Yolande...