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“Brave Unwet the Rain”: Dressing for the Weather

5 March 2014

Britain is known for its bad weather and, with the recent wind, rain, and flooding bombarding the country, people have been reaching for their raincoats, umbrellas, and wellington boots...

18th Century Upcycling: The Afterlife of a Quilted Petticoat

22 January 2014

An update on my research on the quilted breeches is now live on Your Wardrobe Unlock’d! My original posts about these breeches are here and here. If you have any new insights...

Experiencing the Past: Historical Re-enactment as Academic Practice?

22 July 2013

In reviewing Ruth Goodman’s new book, How to be a Victorian, Matthew Sweet expressed some concerns about the usefulness of historical re-enactment based research as an academically...

Unmaking Things: Fabricating Protection and Morality in the Domestic Interior

16 July 2013

Take a look at my latest post for Unmaking Things, on Fabricating Protection and Morality in the Domestic Interior: Wall-Coverings, Table Clothes and Upholstery.