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Thomas Lediard (Lediarde)

3 September 2017

Thomas Lediard (1685–1743) was an English writer and surveyor. Early in his life, he was attached to the staff of the Duke of Marlborough, particularly in 1707, on the...

Charles Alston

3 September 2017

Charles Alston, (1685–1760), was a physician and botanist. He was the superintendent of the physic garden at the palace of Holyrood, which gave him the titles of...

Giuseppe Monti

3 September 2017

Giuseppe Monti (1682 – 1760) was an Italian chemist and botanist. He was a professor of botany and from 1722-1760 director of the Bologna Botanical Garden.   Reference:...

Charles Deering

3 September 2017

Charles Deering, (1695–1749), was a German botanist who lived and worked in England. He was an acquaintance of both Sloane and their mutual friend J. Dillenius. He was also a...