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What did early modern food taste like?

20 February 2018

By Ben Breen As the official portraitist for the Spanish monarchy at the height of its glory, Diego Velázquez painted queens, emperors, and gods. But one of his most famous paintings...

Tales from the Archives: Love Magic in Eighteenth-Century Russia

13 February 2018

In 2017, The Recipes Project celebrated its fifth birthday. We now have nearly 650 posts in our archives and over 160 pages for readers to sift through. That’s a lot...

The CIA’s “Secret” Weapon: Dorothy Pompeo’s Christmas Fudge Recipe

8 February 2018

By Jennifer Sherman Roberts Twitter is a funny, messy place where topics and tropes wantonly mingle and merge. Memes about Tide pods follow presidential proclamations. Rankings of Very...

Nursing and Nutrition: Treating the Influenza in 1918-9

6 February 2018

By Ida Milne This season’s higher than normal influenza cases has inevitably drawn comparisons with the 1918-19 influenza pandemic, the worst in modern history.  It killed...