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The Embedded Recipe: Vibration Cooking as Literature

13 November 2023

By Rhiannon Scharnhorst “Afro-American cookery is like jazz—a genuine art form that deserves serious scholarship and more than a little space on the bookshelves” (Smart-Grosvenor...

Transpacific Kitchens: The Makings of the Diasporic Kusinera

26 October 2023

By GJ Sevillano “Through my family’s many moves to many different cities, I began to connect the dots of my life. Every single dot I connected was a pot…that form[s] a picture...

Recipes for Sacred Porridge in Post-Earthquake Turkey

24 October 2023

By Su Hyeon Cho Mid-August is the grape harvest season in Vakfılı, an Armenian village perched on the mountainous region of the southernmost Turkish province of Hatay. Tasting grapes...

A Recipe for Brown Stew

24 October 2023

By Geeta Budhraja This is the apéritif to what I hope can translate into a larger comprehensive project on the delights of Anglo-Indian cuisine. Born into a family where conversations...