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Paid advocacy in the House of Commons and the Resolution of 2 May 1695

8 November 2021

In the recent debates over the report of the Standards and Privileges committee on the Owen Paterson case frequent reference has been made to the House of Commons’ foundational resolution...

Lies, Personalities and Unparliamentary Expressions

29 April 2021

It often puzzles people that accusing someone of lying in parliament seems to be taken more seriously than actually lying – at least that there is some consequence. The member...

Impeachment II

9 February 2021

The beginning of the second impeachment trial of President Trump in the Senate forms a remarkable new chapter in the long and fraught history of a procedure whose origins lie in Medieval...


24 November 2020

John Bellamy: mezzotint (1814) by Charles Turner after painting (1808) by J.T. Smith. copyright Trustees of the British Museum (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike...