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Tides of War

10 June 2019

The countdown is under way – Destiny’s Tide, the first in my new trilogy of naval historical fiction set in the Tudor age, will be published in just over a fortnight’s...

Drum in a Bo

3 June 2019

There are several legends regarding what might happen if and when Britain comes to the point of its ultimate crisis. One is that the ravens will abandon the Tower of London, thus...

The B-Word

20 May 2019

England breaks away from a great pan-European union, criticising it for being out of touch and corrupt. The break causes division across the land, with the north set against the south,...

England’s Atlantis

13 May 2019

My new novel, Destiny’s Tide, is being published by Canelo in e-book form on 26 June, and is currently available for pre-order. (It’s currently ‘headlining’...