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Edmond Hoyle, Gent.

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Hoyle in Halifax?

9 March 2021

In the essay "250 Years," I noted Hoyle's involvement in a maritime insurance venture in Rotterdam in the 1720s. That refuted my earlier assertion that nothing is known of Hoyle's life...

Two Beauties of Hoyle, both owned by women. Coincidence?

27 January 2021

I am nearly done putting bookplates in my gaming books, with just a box or two of small pamphlets to go. You can see the bookplate in my 2019 collecting essay. The project has been...

Who printed Piquet for Francis Cogan? Thank you Compositor!

25 January 2021

Last week, I watched Joseph Hone present a paper 'Secrets, Lies, and Title Pages' (now available on YouTube) sponsored by ODSECS, the Open Digital Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Studies....

: The Year in Collecting (part 2)

14 January 2021

I shared most of the 2020 acquisitions in an earlier essay, but saved one book, two manuscripts, and some exonumia for this second part. The book is an unusual one for me--a 17c Italian...