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18: The Year in Collecting (second addendum)

31 December 2018

Another book sneaked its way here just before year-end. It's one of the charming "Bob Short" (the pseudonym for Robert Withy as discussed here, here, and here) chapbooks on whist.  There...

18: The Year in Collecting (addendum)

17 December 2018

The ink wasn't even dry on my essay "2018: The Year in Collecting" when an extraordinary item turned up on eBay of all places. The book is the first American book on card games, or...

18: The Year in Collecting

10 December 2018

A dozen books found their way to my library this year. Some are inexpensive 19c Hoyles that filled gaps in the collection. Others are gaming items unrelated to Hoyle or the games he...

Kicking and Screaming into the 19th Century

8 June 2018

I have stated a number of times on this blog that my research would be limited to the 18th century. For example "The proliferation of 19c variants convinces me to stop my research at...