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Edmond Hoyle, Gent.

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Oddly Imposed. Oddly signed.

9 May 2023

Last month I ended a six-month dry spell, adding two French gaming books to my collection.  Each has bibliographical oddities. The first book is L'Arithmétieque du Jeu de Boston...

: The Year in Collecting

27 December 2022

A dozen books came my way this year--some condition upgrades, some of interest only to the Hoyle completist, plus a few gems. I'll discuss five of them in the order they were published....

1: The Year in Collecting (part 4)

2 February 2022

The Hoyle I purchase at a German auction in late November has finally arrived. Before taking a close look at it, let's return to the December auction where I bought four lots, fourteen...

1: The Year in Collecting (part 3) Who is William H?

10 January 2022

In part 2, I said that I wasn't ready to write about the bundle of books I bought at a mid-December auction. This essay will discuss just one of them, an extraordinary manuscript on...