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17: The Year in Collecting

29 December 2017

2017 was another quiet year in collecting. The highlights are two London Hoyles, two translations, and a couple of books that competed with Hoyle.First, an anecdote, and a book that...

Biographical Notes on Robert Withy (part 2)

19 November 2017

With this essay, I am going to provide long extracts from two interesting sources on Robert Withy without added comment. The first is a genealogical work, His Pedigree, with Memoirs...

Biographical Notes on Robert Withy (part 1)

17 October 2017

I wasn't able to attend this week's conference on Bibliography Among the Disciplines, but did follow a bit on Twitter under the tag #BxD17. One of the memes was "When you fall down...

Breaking News!

27 August 2017

How can there be breaking news in a blog about an 18th century author?I learned this morning that Vanderbilt University just acquired the Clulow and United States Playing Card Company...