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Halley Redu

15 October 2016

I recently completed my MA at Birkbeck, after submitting my (delayed) dissertation on Halley’s maritime science. The dissertation looked at Halley’s work on oceanography...

The end of Halley’s third voyage

7 October 2016

Halley arrived back at Deptford on 10 October 1701 and immediately began to prepare his data for publication. He had undertaken the voyage with the aim of identifying a general rule...

Back in the Thames

4 October 2015

On 2 October, Halley wrote a short letter to Josiah Burchett, advising that he had arrived back in the Thames and requesting permission to come up to London to give the Lords of the...

Halley’s third logbook

3 October 2015

I said at the start of this Channel voyage that I wouldn’t be live-tweeting the logbook as I’d done for Halley’s two Atlantic voyages, as I felt the high proportion...