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#pluralizetheanthropocene!: Lausanne 24 Feb 2018

11 February 2018

Anthropocene travels In just under two weeks, on 24 Feb, I’ll be at the Universite de Lausanne in Switzerland, leading a one-day workshop for the English department of CUSO...

Heathen Earth by Kyle McGee (Punctum 2017)

4 February 2018

Another gorgeous book by Punctum! [A copy-edited revision of this book review will appear in the journal Law and Literature] Kyle McGee, Heathen Earth: Trumpism and Political Ecology....

Field Guide at Yale Rep (1/26-2/17 2018)

29 January 2018

When I was a teenager, just about my son’s age now, I churned through a bunch of the big Russian doorstopper novels: Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Gogol. (I didn’t get to Bulgakov...

Getting Specific about #mla18

9 January 2018

MLA ice-geometry: Can you fit it together? Around six pm on Saturday night, turning into the home stretch of #mla18, I left after a blazingly powerful session on Approaching 1492 from...