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#CreatingNature: Everybody’s Infrastructure All the Time

28 May 2019

Before I scatter the still-smoldering fragments of the co-created Lexicon of #CreatingNature, I want to make a stab at what I’m taking away with me. The hours since the conference...

Creating Nature: Chairs Closing Roundtable

7 May 2019

The final event at “Creating Nature” on Fri 5/24 will be a roundtable featuring the chairs of all four sessions, the two co-plenarists, and me. We’ll be trying to...

Creating Nature 4: Spirits & Science

3 May 2019

The fourth panel session of the conference will complete a circle by looking at how early modern and medieval ideas of science and nonhuman causation can speak to discourses of the...

King Lear, from Dead Horse Bay to Broadway

2 May 2019

Spending an afternoon with my eco-theory grad students at Dead Horse Bay was the ideal way to pregame the ambitious, wayward, and sometimes overwhelming production of King Lear that’s...