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Twelfth Night (Yale Rep) & White Devil (Red Bull)

6 April 2019

What do we want when we go to the theater? Coincidences of April, the most compressed and hyper-busy month of the academic calendar, put me in front of two gloriously dissimilar...

Makbet and the Art of Compression

28 February 2019

At the close of a gloriously fast and emotionally powerful ninety minute performance of Makbet-in-the-seminar room yesterday on the St. John’s campus, all five of Dzieci Theatre‘s...

Revaluing the Ocean (Salt Lake City, Feb 2019)

18 February 2019

When Jeff McCarthy, Director of the University of Utah’s Environmental Humanities Program and one of our hosts for this great Ocean conference at Salt Lake City, brought us home...

After #mla19: Generosity, Imagination, Rage

28 January 2019

[I started writing this post with the MLA embers still hot, but then got swept away from it in the maelstrom and deep freeze of early Jan. Not all of what I wanted to say is recoverable...