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Review: Judith Ridner, The Scots Irish of Early Pennsylvania

24 September 2018

Emily Yankowitz reviews Judith Ridner's The Scots Irish of Early Pennsylvania: A Varied People.

Fragmented Stories: Cloth from the Colonies in a 19th-Century Dress Diary

21 September 2018

  Dear Junto readers, Thank you for joining us for two weeks of all-new scholarship tracing the historical patterns of #ColonialCouture! Read the whole roundtable here. Today’s...

Luxurious Tipping Points in Early Massachusetts

20 September 2018

Today’s #ColonialCouture post is by Ben Marsh, senior lecturer in history at the University of Kent and author of Georgia’s Frontier Women: Female Fortunes in a Southern...

Priscilla Mullins Alden and the Search for a Dress in Pieces

19 September 2018

Today’s #ColonialCouture post is by Kimberly Alexander, professor of museum studies and material culture at the University of New Hampshire and author of Treasures Afoot: Shoe...