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Review: Sharon Block, Colonial Complexions

20 June 2018

Vanessa Holden reviews Sharon Block's, Colonial Complexions: Race and Bodies in Eighteenth Century America.

Black Women Intellectuals and the Politics of Dislocation

11 June 2018

In light of the recent tragic stories of family separation occurring on the Mexico-United States border, what instantly came to my mind was America’s history of dislocation through...

Trans-American Crossings Recap

4 June 2018

Over the weekend, an international group of scholars met on the campus of Brown University to participate in a conference focused on various forms of enslaved migrations throughout...

Do Objects Lie? A New Video for Teaching About Material Evidence

31 May 2018

Is material culture as inherently untrustworthy? I was once at a conference roundtable where one attendee claimed that “Material culture is so elitist, just rich people’s...