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Q&A with James Parisot

25 June 2019

Following up yesterday’s review by Lindsay Keiter, today The Junto interviews James Parisot, author of How America Became Capitalist: Imperial Expansion and the Conquest of the...

Review: Parisot, How America Became Capitalist

24 June 2019

Lindsay Keiter reviews James Parisot's new study of capitalism and empire.

Roundtable Conclusion: Food and Hunger in Vast Early America

21 June 2019

Today at The Junto, Rachel Herrmann concludes our food roundtable with some questions for the field of early American food history

Food and Friendship in Early Virginia

20 June 2019

The final post in the Roundtable on Food and Hunger in Vast Early America is by Rachel Winchcombe, a cultural historian of early modern England and America. She joined the University...