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Update: The 18th-century theatre experience

28 February 2013

After much tinkering, we finally uploaded the video of our performance of a few early scenes from Henry Fielding’s comedy, The Author’s Farce (the relevant post is here)....

Abolitionism in popular culture: “Am I not a man and a brother?”

15 December 2012

History of religious abolitionism “‘Am I not a man and a brother?’” This legendary quote forms the inscription of a popular, eighteenth century anti-slavery medallion produced...


9 December 2012

This week we have reached Richardson’s novel Pamela, or virtue rewarded, the sole novel on this course’s reading list. For those who have not gone through the reading experience...

William Blake, The Artist

2 December 2012

As a nine year old, William Blake claimed he saw a “tree filled with angels”, moreover, he never outgrew or denounced these visions. His favourite artists were those unappreciated...