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This Old Grey Goose is Kind of a Bitch

10 November 2020

So I was standing outside a groovy record shop in the college city of Eugene, OR one day last week. I was waiting for my husband, who could have happily been in the store for hours,...

On Trying

29 September 2020

Portrait of Michel de Montaigne around 1578 by Dumonstier/Public domain I’ve been thinking a lot about trying: trying times, trying new things, trials and tribulations....

My breasts tried to kill me.

24 July 2020 provides a new way to notice, think about, and assess any breast changes or weirdnesses I don’t have cancer. I have had cancer. I maybe will have cancer,...

Marys and Marthas

24 July 2018

So there’s a Bible story that just really chaps my hide. Vermeer, Christ in the House of Martha and Mary, Scottish National Gallery It’s Luke 10: 38-42. *** 38 Now...