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Jane Austen Summer Program 2019

8 February 2019

Jane Austen Summer Program 2019 The award-winning Jane Austen Summer Program is excited to announce its 2019 symposium, “Pride and Prejudice and Its Afterlives!”...

Forster’s Synchronism and 18th-Century Studies

20 November 2018

The British Library Reading Room, c. 1924. In the preface to The Rape of Clarissa, Terry Eagleton embraces, under the sign of Benjamin, a strategic presentism (though this is not his...

Remembering the Unbearable Present: Colonial Biowarfare, Indigeneity, and the Challenge for Anthropocene Historiographies

19 November 2018

“Anthropocene Word Cloud from Wikipedia.”  Notably, the words colonial, imperial, indigenous, violence, and their derivatives do not appear.   “It is hard...

“Strategic Presentism” and 18th-Century Studies

19 November 2018

My deepest thanks to Katarzyna Bartoszynska and Eugenia Zuroski for having me on this panel alongside this great lineup of people I admire.  It’s a pleasure to have Anna...