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Book review: ‘My Queen, My Love’ by Elena Maria Vidal

18 March 2022

This is the first novel I’ve read by E.M. Vidal, although I’ve known her on social media for several years now. With ‘My Queen, My Love’, the first in her trilogy of Henrietta...

Book Review: Wentworth Woodhouse: The House, the Estate and the Family

29 January 2022

Happy New Year, gentle readers! Published in May 2021 by Pen & Sword History, Wentworth Woodhouse: The House, The Estate, & The Family by Melvyn Jones, Joan Jones, and Stephen...

Book Review: ‘The Guardian’ by Maeve Greyson

29 August 2021

Sometimes we need a bit of escapism and, for me, that sometimes means a romance—and this book totally fit the bill. I have to be honest, I wasn’t really interested in the beginning,...

Book Review: ‘The White Ship’ by Charles Spencer

21 August 2021

I do not usually review books that are not about the 17th-century or the Stuart period, but given that this author has written several important works about the Stuart period, I thought...