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Book Review: “The Royal Art of Poison” by Eleanor Herman

11 September 2018

Eleanor Herman, who earlier this year posted a guest post here on The Seventeenth Century Lady (“A Glorious Poison: The Deadly Toxins of Palace Life”), is a popular historian...

New book contract! “Sex and Sexuality in Stuart Britain”

12 August 2018

Hear ye! For those of you who haven’t already seen my announcement via Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook, my news is that I have been commissioned by Pen & Sword Publishing...

Goodbye, Shropshire!

24 July 2018

This week marks the end of my family’s two-year stay in Clungunford, Shropshire, England. This weekend, we’ll be back in London, having moved out of Balham back in 2011....

Mothers and Midwives in the 17th Century: A Guest Post by Kate Braithwaite

11 July 2018

Mothers and Midwives in the 17th Century by Kate Braithwaite Alice Wandesford was born in Yorkshire in 1627 and in 1651, aged twenty-four, she married William Thornton of East Newton....