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Book Review: ‘The Myrtle Wand’ by Margaret Porter

2 October 2023

I recently had the pleasure of reading The Myrtle Wand by Margaret Porter a couple of months ago, a story set in seventeenth-century France during the time of Louis XIV. Porter is the...

Interview with C. de Melo, author of The Apprentice: Love and Scandal in the Kingdom of Naples

22 September 2023

Today, we welcome a prolific author and history lover: C de Melo! I recently had the pleasure of working on the audiobook production de Melo’s The Apprentice (out today!), which...

Guest Post: ‘Library of Dreams’ by Dominic Pearce

3 May 2023

Library of Dreams When I wrote about Queen Henrietta Maria I found surprises such as the attempt by parliament to kill her, then to impeach her. Yes the killing came first, as it were....

Book Review: ‘The Fire Court’ by Andrew Taylor

2 May 2023

I had the pleasure of meeting the author of The Fire Court, Andrew Taylor, a few years ago back in Oxford when we were both participating in an author conference and he was very amicable...