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The Changing Face of Oliver Cromwell

4 September 2013

‘Oliver Cromwell’ by Samuel Cooper (1656) [1] Oliver Cromwell (b. 1599 – d. 1658) lists among British history’s most enigmatic – and problematic – characters. To some,...

Whatever Happened To The Schombergs?

24 May 2013

I do not believe that the 1707 Treaty of Union was ever inevitable. This does not mean to say that I disapprove of it, or that I am predicting its demise, but I do consider its creation...

Bought And Sold For….?

15 April 2013

In 1791, Robert Burns, poet and national icon, looked back on the 1707 Incorporating Union between England and Scotland and exclaimed that Scotland had been ‘bought and sold for English...

The Arms of James VI and I

26 January 2013

IACOBVS PRIMVS BRITANNIAE FRANCAIE ET HYBERNAIE REX King James VI of Scotland’s accession to the throne of England in 1603 was heralded by a fanfare of discussion over the nature...