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Burney’s Handling of the Epistolary Format in Evelina

9 April 2013

Epistolary novels are unique not only in structure but in the way they allow plot to develop. Some novels thrive in this form thanks in large part to authors that are especially adept...

The Outsiders- Evelina and Jenny

1 April 2013

Innocence and delicacy were considered critical values of woman in the eighteenth century. It was a signifying factor of upper class, elegance and moralistic values. Although Evelina...

What Evelina Wants – Amanda Bynes’ Twin?

1 April 2013

Evelina a novel by Frances Burney explores the obstacles a girl has to overcome in the upper class society of England. The novel centers around Evelina and her coming into upper class...

Evelina’s Move to Holborn

1 April 2013

Roughly halfway through Frances Burney’s Evelina, the novel’s title character is forcibly relocated from London’s upper-class West side to the unfashionable Holborn...